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October 29, 2008

The Generation Gap – Part 3

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“Respect your father and mother, and you will live a long and successful life in the land I am giving you.” Deut 5:16 (Contemporary English Version)

If you are faced with a fifth commandment issue and decide that, in your very unique situation, you are justified in disobeying mom and dad then be prepared for the consequences. Even if you are 100% correct. Even if angels in heaven are turning cartwheels because you made such a brave decision. There will be consequences. Probably negative.

It will affect your relationship with your family. In a perfect world, your godly, Christian parents would be filled with pride to see their child make such a courageous choice. In the REAL world, even Christian people resent defiance. Your relationship with the ones that you love most will change. Possibly forever.

If the situation is serious enough, you may be forced to make tough financial decisions. Are you really ready to start paying your own bills? 

Do you really want to place yourself outside of the protection and comfort of your family? Even a hopelessly dysfunctional family is better than none at all. As long as you have a place in the home, you can be a positive influence.

Usually, one parent is the dominant force in the household and most of the conflict is centered around that person. If that parent has mental health or substance abuse problems then there is probably not much that you can do to change them. You have to ask yourself if it is worth the cost to do along with a difficult situation or to remove yourself.


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